The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Summer is here at last and it’s time to keep cool and look your very best. Now that the weather is really starting to hot up, lots of us are really struggling to look and feel our best in the sweltering heat

Since the very earliest times, rose water has been prized for its sweet scent and refreshing qualities, which makes it ideal for the summer months when we’re all trying to feel as fresh and comfortable as possible. Our gorgeously scented Rose Shower Gel is perfect for those essential cooling summertime showers, while our beautiful Rose and Lavender Bath Oil, which transports you to the fragrant lavender fields of Provence, is wonderful if you prefer long, luxurious baths at this time of year.

Although daily exposure to moderate sunshine is medically proven to have beneficial effects on both body and soul, it is still vital that everyone uses adequate protection against the more harmful effects of the sun. A good sunscreen is of course essential but it’s also important to ensure that your skin is kept moisturised in order to be at its healthiest and happiest best. Persian Rose Rose and Aloe Gel has a refreshing, light weight but highly effective formula that gently calms, nourishes and hydrates all complexions and promotes a fresh, youthful glow. It’s great all year round but particularly useful in the summer – especially if your sun cream has let you down and your skin is in desperate need of the soothing touch of aloe vera.

Lovely Lavender

Although roses are the main component in our formulations, we also love to use other gorgeously scented and efficacious natural ingredients, which are specially selected to make our products as luxurious and gentle as possible.

Our sweet and spicy lavender is sourced directly from the south of France, where it grows in vast fields in the Luberon region from the last week of June until it is harvested between mid July and the start of August and then distilled ready for use in a vast range of products including cosmetics and food. As lavender is so important to the revenue of the area, the annual harvesting is a cause for celebration with traditional lavender themed festivals and other special events taking place all across the region. 

Keep cool with August’s hero product

As the weather starts to heat up, our divinely scented Organic Lavender and Rosewater Mist is the perfect size to keep in your bag so that you can spritz yourself with cooling rosewater whenever you think that your complexion needs a bit of a boost during the day. It also doubles up as an amazing toner – simply spray it onto some cotton wool then sweep over your face after cleansing and before moisturising. It’s even more refreshing if you store it in the fridge before using it!

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