The Skin Regenerating Properties of Rose Hip Seed Oil

Many years ago a biochemist working on skin care products was travelling in the Far East and noticed that the women had wonderful flawless complexions with a deep colour. Even in the older women he saw the same colour with no use of make-up. To cut a long story short he discovered that they all used the oil from rose hip seeds and so he started testing and analysing.

Missing ingredient
Rose hip seed oil, he found, is made up of about 75% various fatty acids, namely oleic, linoleic and linolenic; all oils that the body is unable to manufacture. These are the vitamin F complex, also known as Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are truly life giving and are one of the most important missing ingredients for skin care. Essential fatty acids attract oxygen from our red blood cells through capillary walls.

No side effects
This oxygen acts as a barrier to pathogens and replenishes the skin. Rose hip seed oil also contains viitamins A and C and other nutrients. Vitamin A is the substance from which Retin-A is formulated. Retin-A is a prescription drug used to repair wrinkles and acne. It returns flexibility and smoothness to the skin and restores its former thickness. Unfortunately it can also have the opposite side effect, creating dry skin, peeling and extreme sensitivity to the sun. The tretinoin contained in rose hip seed oil, however, is bound in a balanced formula of nature and so has no side effects. This is because it releases its constituents very slowly, avoiding the possibility of overdose.

Older women
Photographs of some of the older women who participated in these studies are particularly impressive. Most of them reported significant skin improvements after 3 weeks.

Dr. Hans Harbst, Head of the Department of Radio-oncology at the Chilean Air Force Hospital in San Diago is quoted as saying: “Radiotherapy can cause scarring, and many of the patients I have operated on have been scarred. The radiation they are exposed to can also cause skin inflammation, darkening and actinis dermatitis. I started using rose hip seed oil and found that it reduced scars and even hyper-pigmentation. It flattened bulky scars and loosened fibrous cords resulting in a nearly complete attenuation of scars”.

Gentle massage
One tip for using rose hip seed oil is to first wash the area with warm water and lightly dry. Then apply the oil to slightly moist skin, massaging it in gently, paying particular attention to the areas around the eyes and mouth, where wrinkle lines and dry skin usually start.

On the internet you can find testimonials from people who have been bitten by dogs, had stitches put in, and after applying rose hip seed oil the scars mostly, or sometimes totally, disappeared. There are stories of people who have had carcinomas removed from their face, some who have suffered severe burns, car accidents and suchlike. All testify that the oil has helped them to recover skin tone and appearance, within weeks in some cases.

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