Spring cleaning!

It’s time to blow off the cobwebs and look gorgeous in the sunshine!

Spring is coming, which means that summer isn’t too far away and it’s time to put the long, cold winter behind us and get ready for beautiful sunny days and spending more time outside. The elements can put a lot of strain on the skin, especially for those of us with more sensitive complexions, so a really gentle but effective skincare regime is definitely a must, whatever the time of year. Start your day off with our rosewater cleansing gel, which has been specially formulated to leave skin feeling refreshed and comfortable, followed by a spritz of our deliciously scented organic rosewater spray and then either our soothing day cream or the Rose and Aloe Vera Gel, which is perfect for sun damaged or unhappy skin. 

Persian Rose’s products are formulated with the finest ingredients, sourced from all over the world – including rose petals from modern day Persia, lavender oil from France, geranium from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and shea butter from Ghana – all of which combine to create a uniquely gorgeous sensory experience that smells heavenly and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

This month’s hero product is our beautiful rose shower gel, which is made with rosewater and a infusion of sweet orange oil and geranium bourbon. Its exquisite scent can hardly fail to raise the spirits and will turn every shower into a special occasion.

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