Soothe yourself this spring

Now that spring is here and life is slowly starting to get back to normal, many of us are starting to spend more time outdoors – which means that it is once again time to think about protecting our precious skin from the potentially damaging effects of exposure to UV rays. While scientists recommend that everyone spends at least ten minutes outside in the sunshine every day, in order to gain the benefits of its mood enhancing properties, you should never forget to protect your skin before you venture out. Although our Rose Day Cream (£30) doesn’t include sun protection, its deliciously light texture means that you can wear it at the same time as a SPF cream without that horrible weighed down feeling that we all hate so much.

Along with its many wonderful skin enhancing qualities, sweetly scented rose oil also comes into its own at stressful times thanks to its proven ability to lift the spirits and calm even the most stressed out soul. If you’re feeling in desperate need of some pampering, scatter a few drops of rose oil into your bath water or if you’re feeling anxious while out and about, simply dab some on your wrists and inhale deeply. The combination of rose and lavender is especially efficacious if one is feeling really stressed out – our divinely sweet scented Organic Lavender and Rosewater Mist (£12-£21) is small enough to kept in your bag so you can give yourself a quick spritz whenever you need a quick pick me up, while our beautiful Perfumed Oil (£46) is also small enough to be popped into your bag and is a simple way to refresh your body and soul with the delicious scent of pure Damask rose.

Our Rose and Aloe Gel (£21) has a refreshing, light weight but highly effective formula that gently calms, nourishes and hydrates all complexions and promotes a fresh, youthful glow. It’s great all year round but particularly useful during the warmer months – especially if, despite all your precautions,  your sun cream has let you down and your skin is in desperate need of the soothing touch of aloe vera.

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