Season of mellow fruitfulness

Welcome to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, now that summer is finally over and it’s time to embrace the many pleasures of autumn – Halloween treats, soft woollens, crisp mornings and golden leaves. 
It’s lovely to spend time outdoors at this time of year, but the cold air, rich foods and return to central heating can wreak havoc with our precious skin, leaving it parched and unhappy, which means that it might need a little extra care. Thanks to its amazing moisturising and calming properties, rose oil is the perfect antidote to all of your skin’s woes, with the ability to plump, soothe and calm. Our gorgeously scented Rose Day Cream (£30) is perfect for this time of year as it is created from a special formula of rich shea butter, rosehip seed oil and an infusion of rose oil which helps keep skin feeling soft and comfortable all day long.

Our beautiful organic rose oil and rosewater is sourced directly from a small Iranian farm cooperative, which still employs the same traditional methods that they have used for hundred of years and which have been passed down through many generations.

Throughout June, the most perfect roses are picked just before dawn, which ensures that their moisture content, so important for the distillation process, is just right. After the petals have been gathered, they are carefully picked through by local women, who remove any leaves and imperfections, before putting the petals into copper stills, heated by wood fires. Once the correct amount of petals have been placed into the still, pure mountain stream water is poured inside and the mixture is gently boiled for four hours in order to generate steam, which is collected and then condensed into another container as rose water. The crop only lasts for six weeks and during that short time, every single rose is picked as it requires over 1.2 million flowers to produce 1 kilo of essential oil. Our divinely scented Organic Rose Face Oil (£25) is packed full of this liquid heaven and works wonders on even the most sensitive skin.

Our beautiful and luxurious Rose Body Lotion (£22) contains both rose and geranium oils and has a rich but non greasy formulation that helps moisturise, soften and smooth the skin while at the same time enveloping you in a delicate, floral fragrance that is perfect for this time of year but won’t overpower your favourite perfume. 

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