Roses are red, violets are blue

Valentine’s Day might be low key this year, while so many of us are separated from our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look and feel our very best, even if the only person we will be wooing is ourselves. The pandemic has been stressful for all of us and self care is more important than ever so why not take this opportunity to pamper yourself a little. We’re offering 15% off every order until the end of February so that you can either spoil someone you love or buy yourself a deliciously rose scented treat like our divinely scented Organic Rose Face Oil (£25), made with organic rosehip oil, is perfect for all complexions and is perfect for this time of year when skin often feels dry and in need of extra care. Alternatively, why not treat someone you love to one of our gift sets – our Best Sellers Gift Set (£47) includes Rosewater Mist, Rose & Aloe Vera Gel and Rose Day Cream.

Although many women through history are famous for their love of roses, perhaps none have been so closely associated with the rose than Marie Antoinette, whose best known portrait depicts her holding a delicate pink Trianon rose between her fingers. Her beauty regime is well known to have involved several products made with rose water and rose petals, including cosmetic creams and astringents while at night she would sleep wearing gloves lined with a special hand softening cream made from wax, rose water and sweet almonds. Her cosmetics were also scented with rose water, including her rouges and the sticks of pomade that were used to add shine to her eyebrows, lips and cheeks and the waxes and powders that were used in her elaborate coiffures. Although Marie Antoinette’s favourite perfume was made with orange blossom, she also adored the soft floral scents of roses, violets and lilies, which were also used to scent the soaps she used in her daily baths. Our refreshing Organic Rosewater Hydrating Facial Toner (£30) is an easy way to replicate part of the doomed French queen’s beauty regime.

This month’s hero product is our opulently rich and deliciously scented Rose Hand Cream (£22) which is perfect for reviving cold and chapped hands when you’ve been out in the cold. Like all Persian Rose products, it had been specially formulated with the finest ingredients to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

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