Look beautiful at Christmas

Treat your loved ones to beautiful rose scented treats and get a present for yourself at the same time.

Christmas is coming and life is about to get really busy! As the temperature drops and central heating comes on, skin can really struggle to look its best but thanks to the amazing restorative properties of rose oil, it’s never been easier to look gorgeous even in the middle of winter. This month, Persian Rose is offering a 50ml of one of our lovely bath oils when you order over £25 of products or a 100ml bath oil when you spend over £50, which means that you can treat yourself to something beautiful while getting presents for other people. You can choose between our luxurious Rose and Geranium Bath Oil, which is formulated with a blend of exquisite rose oil and geranium bourbon oil or our deeply relaxing Rose and Lavender Bath Oil, which is perfect if you need to unwind in a long, deliciously scented bath at this time of year. 

When there is so much to do, the last thing you need is to be struck down by a winter cold so why not try one of nature’s best natural restoratives and get hold of some Vitamin C packed rosehip syrup, which can be added to hot water, fresh ginger and lemon to make a brilliantly effective remedy for sore throats, coughs and colds. Either buy syrup (Atkins and Potts, which is available from Lakeland, is a great brand) or make your own by boiling 1kg of rosehips in 2 litres of water then leaving them to infuse for half an hour before straining them through a muslin cloth. You then put the juice aside and boil the rosehip pulp with a litre of water and repeat the process again before adding the two lots of strained rosehip juice together, boiling them until reduced by half, adding 1kg of caster sugar, boiling until it has a jam like consistency then pouring it into sterilised jars and bottles. 

This month’s hero product is our essential skincare gift set, which would make a perfect Christmas present for anyone who appreciates natural products or has sensitive skin. It features 50ml of our delightful Rose Hand Cream, 50ml of Rose Day Cream and 100ml of Rose Body Lotion, all of which would be a perfect introduction to our gentle but effective skin care range or a much appreciated gift for someone who already loves our products. Better still – if you order before the end of December, you can pick one of our 100ml bath oils as a present for yourself!

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