Let Persian Rose help you look your best as the temperature starts to fall

Winter is tough on skin, especially if it is sensitive, but luckily rose oil can help save the day.

Brr, it feels like winter has started even earlier than usual this year and while we’re all trying to stay warm, it’s easy to forget the harsh effect that cold winds and central heating can have upon the skin, especially for those of us with sensitive complexions. 

If you’re already feeling frazzled and short of time, one easy way to pamper your skin is to apply our rich and deliciously scented Rose Night Cream before you go to bed and leave it to work its magic while you sleep. If your hands are also suffering from exposure to the elements, don’t forget to apply a thick layer of our luxurious Rose Hand Cream at the same time – if they’re feeling especially sore, you could even pop a pair of gloves on top.

If you’re not feeling your best, sweetly scented, soothing rose oil can help you unwind.

Along with its many wonderful skin enhancing qualities, sweetly scented rose oil also comes into its own at this time of year with its proven ability to lift the spirits and calm even the most stressed out soul. If you’re feeling in desperate need of some pampering, scatter a few drops of rose oil into your bath water or, if you’re feeling anxious while out and about, simply dab some on your wrists and inhale deeply.

Pamper and refresh your skin with our Hydrating Face Mask

When it’s freezing cold outside, it is definitely time to get cosy and pamper yourself indoors, especially as party season is just around the corner! Our self indulgent Hydrating Face Mask is made from the finest French green clay, which is blended with rose oil, aloe vera and rosehip seed oil to create a wonderful treat for even the most sensitive skin. Simply apply to thoroughly cleansed skin, relax and then rinse off to reveal a fresh, glowing and gorgeously hydrated complexion. 

Rose Hydrating Face Mask 50ml

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