It’s snuggly jumper weather again

Look your glowing, gorgeous best this autumn with Persian Rose.

Now that one of the most beautiful summers that anyone can remember has drawn to an end, it’s time to embrace the pleasures of autumn – snuggly jumpers, the smell of bonfires, golden leaves and long walks in the crisp morning air. However, cold air, rich foods and central heating can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry and unhappy, which means that it needs a little extra care at this time of year. Thanks to its amazing moisturising and calming properties, rose oil is the perfect antidote to all of your skin’s woes, with the ability to plump dehydrated skin, soothe chapped lips and cheeks and calm all those annoying little breakouts that can occur when we’re adapting to a new diet and change of pace.

Although you probably associate the sweet scent of roses with summer, it’s also perfect for this time of year when life becomes increasingly busy in the run up to Christmas and many of us need a bit of an extra boost to keep our spirits up. Using our organic rose oil lip balm is a perfect way to both protect lips and enjoy a reviving waft of delicious rose scent. Blended with organic beeswax and shea butter, it is a perfect antidote it both soothes and moisturises and is sure to become a handbag essential as the weather gets colder.

Persian Rose products contain the finest organic rose petals and are suitable for all skin types, which means that everyone can benefit from their mood boosting properties. Our rose hand cream, enriched with shea butter and deliciously scented with rose oil is perfect to keep in your bag so that you can soften your skin and enjoy its fresh scent while you’re out and about. 

Our beautiful and luxurious body lotion contains both rose and geranium oils and is a rich but non greasy formulation that helps moisturise, soften and smooth the skin while at the same time enveloping you in a delicate, floral fragrance that is perfect for this time of year but won’t overpower your favourite perfume. 

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