How is rosewater made?

Rosewater is made by heating a mixture of freshly picked rose petals and pure mountain spring water in a copper still. The resulting steam condenses down a pipe into another container where it is collected as pure rosewater.

Where do the Persian Rose ingredients come from?

We source the finest ingredients from all corners of the globe: organic rosewater from Persia, lavender oil from France, geranium from Réunion, and shea butter from Ghana to mention just a few.

I have oily/dry/combination skin – what would you recommend?

The Rose & Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent light moisturiser for oily skin, whereas the Rose Day Cream has a deep moisturising and nourishing effect for dry skin. Both products could be used simultaneously for combination skin.

My Hydrating Face Mask has dried out a little on top – can I still use it?

It is perfectly normal for the mask to become drier on top after a few months. Give it a quick stir with a spatula or spoon prior to use. It can be used up to 12 months after first opening.

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