Start your summer with Persian Rose

It’s time to think about looking gorgeous – wherever you are.

Although the rain is still hanging on in some parts of the country, it looks like the sunshine might be here to stay, which means that holiday season is almost upon us at last.

No one wants to waste precious luggage space on bulky cosmetics, which is when multi-taskers like our divinely scented rosewater mist and organic face oil really come into their own as they can help you maintain a gentle but effective skincare routine, even when you are far from home. The organic face oil can double up as a deep overnight moisturiser as well as a cleanser (simply apply it to dry skin then remove with a clean, damp flannel), while the rose water spray can be used as a post cleansing toner as well as being perfect for freshening spritzes during the day.

A gorgeous sensory experience

Persian Rose’s products are formulated with the finest ingredients, sourced from all over the world – including rose petals from modern day Persia, lavender oil from France, geranium from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and shea butter from Ghana – all of which combine to create a uniquely gorgeous sensory experience that smells heavenly and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Rose & Aloe Vera Gel 50ml

Rose and Aloe Vera Gel

While daily exposure to moderate sunshine is medically proven to have beneficial effects on both body and soul, it is still vital that everyone uses adequate protection against the more harmful effects of the sun. A good sunscreen is of course essential but it’s also important to ensure that your skin is kept moisturised in order to be at its healthiest and happiest best.

Persian Rose Rose and Aloe Gel has a refreshing, light weight but highly effective formula that gently calms, nourishes and hydrates all complexions and promotes a fresh, youthful glow. It’s great all year round but particularly useful in the summer – especially if your sun cream has let you down and your skin is in desperate need of the soothing touch of aloe vera.

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