Cast a rose scented love spell

It’s still cold outside but love is definitely in the air.

From the very earliest times, the rose has been associated with love and romance thanks to its beauty and gorgeous fragrance. In ancient Greece, roses were a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite, who used aromatic rose oil to make herself more attractive and also protect those whom she favoured. Later on, the flower would be associated with the Virgin Mary, with those who saw visions of her often reporting that they were accompanied by a strong smell of roses. Meanwhile, in more pagan circles, rosewater and petals have always been used in magical rituals, in particular those designed to awaken romantic feelings. Here at Persian Rose we don’t really believe in love spells but it can’t be disputed that a long bath in sweetly scented rose oil can do wonders to refresh the spirit as well as the body.

If you’re thinking about giving a loved one roses this Valentine’s Day then it might be a nice idea to say a little more than simply ‘I love you’ by selecting a colour that symbolises a different facet of relationships. While classic red roses naturally represent love and romance and are always a good choice, pink ones are associated with budding admiration so would be a good option if you have yet to express your feelings. On the other hand, if things have already moved on then orange and crimson roses traditionally represent passion and desire, while on the flip side, yellow roses symbolise friendship rather than romance so might not be the best choice for a Valentine’s Day bouquet!

Our gorgeous rose and geranium bath oil is perfect for this time of year when winter seems to be going on forever and we all need a bit of a cheering up. Infused with sweet rose oil and spicy geranium bourbon oil, just tip a capful into your bath water, close the door on all your cares and enjoy an indulgent, relaxing bath with a good book and a glass of wine. 

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