Be kind to yourself

The Persian Rose online store is still open and, for the time being at least, orders will be sent out as usual, although we can’t guarantee how quickly they will be received. If circumstances change and we are forced to temporarily close our doors then we will let you know straight away and make arrangements to either refund customers or put orders on hold. In the meantime, if you have any concerns then please let us know and we will do our best to help. This is such a horrible and worrying time for everyone and our thoughts are with all who are affected by the current crisis.

Along with its many wonderful skin enhancing qualities, sweetly scented rose oil also comes into its own at stressful times thanks to its proven ability to lift the spirits and calm even the most stressed out soul. If you’re feeling in desperate need of some pampering, scatter a few drops of rose oil into your bath water or if you’re feeling anxious while out and about, simply dab some on your wrists and inhale deeply. The combination of rose and lavender is especially efficacious if one is feeling really stressed out – our divinely sweet scented Organic Lavender and Rosewater Mist (£12-£21) is small enough to kept in your bag so you can give yourself a quick spritz whenever you need a quick pick me up, while our beautiful Rose and Lavender Bath Oil (£18-£32) makes bathrobes simply heavenly and can even help you sleep better if you use it before bedtime.

All this extra hand washing can be really rough on delicate hands, leaving them dry, sore and cracked so don’t forget to apply hand cream whenever you can. If you’re really suffering, applying a thick layer of hand cream can make a huge difference  – especially if you team it with a pair of mittens or even socks! Our Rose Hand Cream (£22) is enriched with shea butter and deliciously scented with soothing, calming rose oil. 

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