Baby, it’s cold outside

It looks like Christmas is going to be a bit different for all of us this year, but even if the only parties we’ll be attending are virtual ones, we still all deserve to look and feel our best as this challenging year draws to a close.

Because we could all do with a little cheering up right now, we’re offering 20% off every purchase this December, so that you can treat yourself or someone else to something lovely like our gorgeously sweet scented Perfumed Oil (£46), which is lovingly made from the finest quality pure Damask rose oil, hand blended with jojoba oil to create an irresistibly exotic and uplifting rose perfume that is perfect for any time of year.

Even if most of us are spending a lot more time at home right now, life is still hectic at this time of year as we get ready for Christmas and look forward to catching up with our loved ones, even if it is via a computer screen. However, whatever your plans are, make sure that you take some time to pamper yourself. Try running yourself a sweetly scented and luxurious bath with our Rose and Geranium Bath Oil (£22), which goes perfectly with our Rose Shower Gel (£16), which is made from rosewater and a revitalising infusion of geranium bourbon and sweet orange oil and our luscious rose and geranium scented Rose Body Lotion (£22), which is perfect for gently moisturising and softening your skin so that you can feel extra gorgeous and comfortable, whatever you choose to do with your evening. 

Treat someone you love (or even just yourself) to one of our carefully curated gift sets this Christmas.

If you’re into skincare then our Nourishing Facial Care Gift Set (£69) would make a perfect gift as it includes our Rosewater Mist, Rose Night Cream, Rose and Aloe Vera Gel and Organic Rose Facial Oil, while if long, lazy baths are more your thing, then there is our Indulgent Bath and Body Set (£38), which teams our Rose Shower Gel and Rose Body Lotion with a luxury bath scrunchie.

However, if you can’t decide what to get then why not try our Best Seller’s Gift Set (£47), which includes our sumptuous Rosewater Mist, Rose and Aloe Vera Gel and a Rose Day Cream.

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