Teresa Scarman

Teresa Scarman

1942 – 2009

Teresa Scarman was first introduced to rosewater in 1992 whilst exhibiting her old-fashioned roses at the Chelsea Flower Show. She was captivated by its wonderful fragrance and its soothing effect on the skin, and immediately wanted to learn more. As she discovered, rosewater is by no means a new invention, it dates back as far as 1200BC in Persia, and has been used as a skin tonic, a medicine and also as a cooking ingredient. Persian Rose began as a result of her intolerance to using well-known skin care products that would leave her sensitive skin irritated, due to excessive amounts of chemicals. She couldn’t find any gentle and effective skincare products that she could use, so she decided to create her own range using organic rosewater and precious rose oil as the primary ingredients. The Persian Rose skincare range is designed for those with sensitive skin and for those of us who simply love the rose. Today, Persian Rose is based in the heart of Devon and produced with the same passion and vision that created it. We invite you to enjoy our beautiful rose products, which are designed to gently nurture the skin with natural goodness.

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